Universal Hose End (crimp specific)
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Universal Hose End (crimp specific)

    Recommended Use:
    • Air
    Recommended Hose Attachments:
    • Light Duty Ferrules
    Features and Benefits:
    • Investment casting provides a high quality, detailed, hose-end surface finish while eliminating the need for more costly machining.
    • The performance of our Investment Cast Universal Hose Ends is equal to the performance of our machined versions, but at a lower cost.
    • Mates with domestic and imported universal couplings
    • Interlock groove locks ferrule into place for the ultimate in holding power
    • Crimped assemblies are low profile and eliminate sharp edges from bands and bolts
    • Cast ductile iron meets ASTM A536 specification,
    Special Features:
    • The "shorty" shank model is designed specifically for crimping with light duty ferrules.
Plated Steel (investment cast)
part number weight hose size price add single
UH-3C 0 3/4 $4.94