Dave Heckler
President/Owner, Alliance Hose & Rubber Co.
NAHAD Member

“Campbell has for years been the true leader in design and innovation of industrial hose couplings. We have gone to market with Campbell and their groundbreaking work on the crimping of industrial hose, and together we have grown our business as we continue to provide safer, more reliable hose assemblies to our customers.

The people at Campbell are knowledgeable, friendly, and truly know the meaning of customer service. They are eager to find solutions to our everyday challenges and to help us grow our business. We consider Campbell a true partner and key to our continued strategy for growth." 

Harry (Buzz) Hooper
Vice President, Rubber & Accessories, Inc., Lakeland, Florida
NAHAD founding member and past President

“When I think of Campbell, the first thing that comes to mind is INNOVATION.  Over the past years as a coupling supplier for our company, Campbell has developed and brought to market unique coupling products that have solved application problems in diverse markets.  Campbell has been and continues to be a strong supporter of NAHAD and the Hose Safety Institute and many of the innovations Campbell has brought to market enhance the safety and reliability for hose assemblies in the industry.   

I also believe that the Campbell management and staff understand distribution and the problems we face daily from competition and as a result of this understanding they develop marketing programs that cultivates credibility and loyalty.”


Joseph Thompson
Executive Vice President
The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD)

“As the international association for hose manufacturers and distributors, NAHAD, and its Hose Safety Institute, are dedicated to hose assembly safety, quality and reliability. We rely heavily on the support of our 500 member companies throughout the U.S., Canada and 28 other countries, and their 2,500 professional employees, to develop and deliver our industry-leading Hose Assembly Guidelines, education resources and employee training programs.

Campbell Fittings, and their dedicated professionals, have been an integral part of NAHAD’s success since the association’s founding in the mid 1980’s. The Campbell team was instrumental in the conception and formation of the NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines and the Hose Safety Institute, and their continued engagement, support and counsel are vital to NAHAD’s continued vitality.”


Robert Lyons
President, TIPCO Technologies, Owings Mills, Maryland
NAHAD past President

“When thinking of the Campbell brand, the first thing that comes to my mind is commitment.  The leadership and support staff at Campbell Fittings have embraced a commitment to innovative systems technology, and are backed by a distributor network that fosters the ability to solve customer problems.  TIPCO Technologies has proudly participated in numerous Crimpnology training sessions and we have found the training to be vital to our systems selling strategy.  The proven safety and performance that Campbell Fittings has established allows our mutual customers to be confident that they have made the right choice.  As a former NAHAD president and long-time Hose Safety Institute committee member, I endorse Campbell’s commitment to safety, quality, training, and integrity as a best-in-class organization.”


Guy Enta
Director, Industrial Hose & Hydraulics North America
Veyance Technologies, Inc.
NAHAD Member

 “Our two companies have worked hand in hand to develop unique, innovative and reliable hose and fittings assembly solutions for our customers and markets.  Campbell is FULLY COMMITTED to continuing to push the envelope on innovation.  They are also FULLY COMMITTED to continued education and training of our team and our customers through their Crimpnology programs.  Their people are engaged and responsive, providing us with consistently high quality products and services.   Working with Campbell has allowed us to take our Industrial Hose business to a new level”.


Alex McGill
Vice President, McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc., East Longmeadow, MA
NAHAD past President

“Adopting Crimpnology as our preferred fitting and retention technology allows us to provide the safest hose assemblies every time. Campbell Fittings’ quality products and strong historical data on hose testing make the design and fabrication of each rubber and plastic hose require ZERO guess work. This gives McGill Hose personnel the tools to confidently address the toughest fluid transfer applications.  Not only have the good folks at Campbell trained our fabricators and sales people on all aspects of Crimpnology, and support us when we have questions, they also treat people kindly and fairly, the way people should be treated.”


W. Randy Daniels
HES Professional / DOT Coordinator
Marathon Petroleum Company LP

"Campbell Fittings have been a great company to work with as we have been working on new programs for our terminals.  We have worked on some test programs in different states and climates.   In emergency situations they are just a phone call away and willing to help solve any problems. The staff at Campbell are great folks to work with."


Richard Harrison
President & CEO, GHX Industrial, Houston, Texas
NAHAD Member

"Campbell is an innovative manufacturer when it comes to product design, providing solutions such as ChemJoint Couplings as a better and safer way to connect than traditional cam & groove fittings or the entire Crimpnology program as a better way to keep hoses safely connected to their fittings.”


Scott Priestner
Northeast Regional Manager, Singer Equities, Landisville, PA
NAHAD Member

“There are several key factors that we look for in a company to be considered a truly valued supplier; innovative product, cost effective solutions, a commitment to quality and safety, and working together to help grow our business. Campbell truly delivers on this and more to our organization each and every day.”


Jeff Crane
President & CEO, North America, Eriks, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
NAHAD board member (current)

“When I think of Campbell Fittings I think of innovation and a company challenging an industry to redefine itself.”


James Betz
President, River Bend Hose Specialty, South Bend, Indiana
NAHAD Member

“Campbell Fittings has been a key supply partner to our company for many years. Because we often work with customers who have highly specialized needs in unique environments, we need suppliers who are willing to be flexible. Campbell has been very accommodating in meeting our requirements, whether it is a special design or a specific quality requirement.  Their willingness to take an unusual challenge that other suppliers might avoid, has always been with a great attitude that we appreciate. This “can do” approach is evident in every department with which we interact. We look forward to working with the Campbell team for many years to come!”


Karen Helm, Vice President
Vice President, Valley Industrial Rubber Products Co, Bethlehem, PA
NAHAD Member

“Campbell Fittings is a progressive, forward thinking company.  Highly motivated, great people, Campbell is bringing safe, innovative products to the marketplace.  Large inventories assure us of prompt delivery and minimal backorders.  Friendly Customer Service answers the questions.  Engineering is approachable with ideas or concerns.  Campbell will work hard to help a distributor earn an order, or keep a customer.  Campbell is a valued partner of Valley Industrial Rubber.”


Frank Tiernay
President, Summers Rubber Company, Cleveland, OH
NAHAD Member

“Campbell’s quality products and commitment to hose crimpnology aligns extremely well with our company’s value proposition. Their in-house technical support is one of the best in our industry.  Campbell’s innovative approach to hose fabrication through their commitment to hose crimpnology assures customer satisfaction and customer retention. Their distributor training program and technical support is an industry leader.”


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