Performance Data

Check out our pressure rating chart & coupling selection guide, spill rate/water discharge table and dynamic force chart.

Campbell Coupling Selection Guide

Our Selection Guide allows you to choose an appropriate coupling based on the hose type and application working pressure.

Temperature De-Rating Chart

Since Campbell’s pressure ratings are established by testing at 70F, we established a separate pressure de-rating chart for elevated temperatures.

Dynamic Force Chart

Dynamic force is the energy created by the pressure relative to the diameter of the hose. Did you know that a 3” air hose at 500 psi generates over 3500 pounds of end force? Yes, my friend, that’s some serious tonnage. Don’t blow an end off. Use the pressure rating chart and coupling selection guide to choose the appropriate fitting for the job.

Spill Rate / Water Discharge Table

This table is intended for general reference and general applicabilty only, and should not be relied upon as the sole or precise source of information available with respect to the subject covered. The user should also refer to and follow manufacturer’s specific instructions and recommendations with regard to such information, where they exist.