Petro-Chemical and Process



Couplings for steam, nitrogen, air, and chemical hose

Lower plant costs and improve safety by using Campbell’s uniquely designed safety hose system products. Campbell is specified by Safety and Maintenance Managers throughout the world.

  • Campbell steam hose coupling system can save up to $6000 per year, per coupling in operating costs.
  • Nitrogen kills! Campbell’s unique Nitrogen couplings offer easy ways to make sure your nitrogen hoses don’t get crossed with anything else
  • Crimpnology™ hose attachment system is engineered for repeatable, measurable, hose performance.


  • Campbell Viton Seal Ground Joint couplings

Air and Nitrogen

  • BMHSingle-Lock couplings (Bowes Style)
  • TLHDouble-Lock couplings (Thor Style)
  • UniversaLock™ safety locking couplings
  • Universal couplings
  • Chemjoint™ couplings for chemical transfer

Petroleum, Chemical, and Bulk Transfer