Glossary of Campbell Crimpnology™ Terms

Crimp Chart

a chart designed to assist in determining the crimp spec, which includes allowances for serration style, fitting and ferrule/sleeve O.D. and design.

Crimp spec (or specification)

the outside diameter of the ferrule/sleeve after assembling and crimping.


notches cut into the turned-in end of a ferrule that allows the interlock portion to crimp straight down into the fitting interlock without opening outward during crimping.


a tube-like product with one end turned in so as to affect an interlock into a groove on a mating fitting or coupling.

Ferrule length

the overall length of the ferrule as measured from the turn-in end to the open end.

Ferrule/Sleeve I.D.

the inside bowl diameter of the ferrule; the inside diameter of the sleeve; the inside diameter of either where the hose is placed.


the thickness of the ferrule/sleeve material.

Interlock groove

a groove designed into the fitting/coupling to accept the turn-in end of the ferrule.

Shank length

the hose barb area measured from the end of the fitting to the interlock groove.


a tube-like product with no interlock provisions.

Sleeve length

the overall length of the sleeve from end to end.


the interlocking end of the ferrule.