ChemJoint™ Union (without Viton Spud)
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ChemJoint™ Union (without Viton Spud)

    Recommended Use:
    • Chemical
    Features and Benefits:
    • Hand-tight, leak free coupling with zero evapratives.
    • Graduated serration patter - sharper near the interlock, rounder near the end. Grips and seals plastic lines chemical hose without cutting through the tube.
    • Excellent for heavy viscous media.
    • Excellent for line dedication.
    • Replaces cam and groove coupling in high vibration areas.
    • Replaces flanges, reducing cost and cutting maintenance time.
    • Replaces cam and groove couplings in tight spaces where a hand-tight coupling is preferable to clsoing two cam handles.
316 Stainless Steel
part number weight npt size price add single
CJFS-3 1.2 3/4 $416.92
CJFS-4 1 1 $500.26
CJFS-4A (ACME threads) 4.6 1 $591.00
CJFS-8 2.4 2 $541.97
CJFS-8A (ACME threads) 4.6 2 $633.00
CJFS-12 4.6 3 $583.66