See List of Parts below that can expose you to lead, a chemical which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit

** 1-1/4X1X9 LEG, 1X10-3/4 LEG, 1X11-3/4 LEG, 1X2-3/4 LEG, 1X8-3/4 LEG, AA-BR-150, AA-BR-200, AA-BR-250, AA-BR-300, AA-BR-400, A-BR-100, A-BR-125, A-BR-150, A-BR-200, A-BR-250, A-BR-300, A-BR-400, A-BR-50, A-BR-500, A-BR-600, A-BR-75, ALH-03, ALH-04, ALH-05, ALH-06, B-AL-100, B-AL-125, B-AL-150, B-AL-1510, B-AL-200, B-AL-2015, B-AL-2030, B-AL-250, B-AL-300, B-AL-3020, B-AL-3040, B-AL-400, B-AL-4030, B-AL-50, B-AL-500, B-AL-600, B-AL-75, B-AL-800, B-BR-100, B-BR-125, B-BR-150, B-BR-200, B-BR-250, B-BR-300, B-BR-400, B-BR-50, B-BR-500, B-BR-600, B-BR-75, BF-0402, BF-0404, BF-0504, BF-0604, BF-0606, BF-0806, BF-0808, BF-1212, BFFB-2, BFFB-2N, BFFB-3, BFFB-3N, BFFB-4, BFHB-2, BFHB-2N, BFHB-3, BFHB-3N, BFMB-2, BFMB-2N, BFMB-3, BFMB-3N, BFMB-4, BFP-0402, BFP-0404, BFP-0504, BFP-0604, BFP-0606, BFP-0806, BFP-0808, BFS-0404, BFS-0504, BFS-0604, BFS-0606, BFS-0806, BFS-0808, BFS-1212, BFSN-1/4, BFSN-3/4, BFSN-3/8, BH-0404, BH-0505, BH-0606, BH-0808, BH-1010, BH-1212, BHP-0404, BHP-0505, BHP-0606, BHP-0808, BHP-1010, BHP-1212, BM-0402, BM-0404, BM-0406, BM-0502, BM-0504, BM-0602, BM-0604, BM-0606, BM-0608, BM-0804, BM-0806, BM-0808, BM-0812, BM-1006, BM-1008, BM-1012, BM-1208, BM-1212, BM-1612, BM-1616, BM-2016, BMFB-2, BMFB-2L, BMFB-2N, BMFB-3, BMFB-3L, BMFB-3N, BMFB-4L, BMFB-4N, BMHB-2, BMHB-2L, BMHB-2N, BMHB-3, BMHB-3L, BMHB-3N, BMHB-4L, BMHB-4N, BMMB-2, BMMB-2L, BMMB-2N, BMMB-3, BMMB-3L, BMMB-3N, BMMB-4L, BMMB-4N, BMP-0402, BMP-0404, BMP-0406, BMP-0504, BMP-0602, BMP-0604, BMP-0606, BMP-0608, BMP-0804, BMP-0806, BMP-0808, BMP-0812, BMP-1008, BMP-1012, BMP-1208, BMP-1212, BMS-0404, BN12, BN15, BN15F, BN25, BN25F, BN6, BN7, CAB-125, CAB-150, CAB-200, CAB-250, CAB-300, CAB-400, CAB-600, C-AL-100, C-AL-125, C-AL-150, C-AL-150C, C-AL-200, C-AL-200C, C-AL-250, C-AL-250C, C-AL-300, C-AL-300C, C-AL-3020, C-AL-3040, C-AL-400, C-AL-400C, C-AL-4030, C-AL-50, C-AL-500, C-AL-600, C-AL-600C, C-AL-75, C-AL-800, CB-10, CB-12, CB-16, CB-2, CB-3, CB-4, CB-5, CB-6, CB-8, CBB-10, CBB-12, CBB-150, CBB-16, CBB-200, CBB-250, CBB-300, CBB-400, CBB-5, CBB-6, CBB-8, C-BR-100, C-BR-100C, C-BR-125, C-BR-150, C-BR-150C, C-BR-200, C-BR-200C, C-BR-250, C-BR-300, C-BR-300C, C-BR-400, C-BR-400C, C-BR-50, C-BR-500, C-BR-600, C-BR-75, CSB-10, CSB-12, CSB-16, CSB-24, CSB-32, CSB-5, CSB-6, CSB-8, DA-AL-1510, DA-AL-1520, DA-AL-2015, DA-AL-2030, DA-AL-2040, DA-AL-3015, DA-AL-3020, DA-AL-3040, DA-AL-4020, DA-AL-4030, DA-AL-4060, DA-AL-6040, DA-AL-6050, DA-BR-2030, DA-BR-3020, DA-BR-4020, DA-BR-4030, DA-BR-6040, D-AL-100, D-AL-125, D-AL-150, D-AL-1510, D-AL-200, D-AL-2015, D-AL-250, D-AL-300, D-AL-3020, D-AL-400, D-AL-4030, D-AL-50, D-AL-500, D-AL-600, D-AL-75, D-AL-800, D-BR-100, D-BR-125, D-BR-150, D-BR-200, D-BR-250, D-BR-300, D-BR-400, D-BR-50, D-BR-500, D-BR-600, D-BR-75, DC-AL-100, DC-AL-125, DC-AL-150, DC-AL-200, DC-AL-250, DC-AL-300, DC-AL-400, DC-AL-50, DC-AL-500, DC-AL-600, DC-AL-75, DC-AL-800, DC-BR-100, DC-BR-125, DC-BR-150, DC-BR-200, DC-BR-250, DC-BR-300, DC-BR-400, DC-BR-50, DC-BR-500, DC-BR-600, DC-BR-75, DD-AL-150, DD-AL-200, DD-AL-2030, DD-AL-300, DD-AL-3040, DD-AL-400, DD-AL-600, DMH1010, DMH1010F, DMH1076, DMH1515, DMH1515F, DMH15F15F, DMH2020, DMH2025F, DMH2525, DMH2525F, DMH25F15T, DMH3025F, DP-BR-100, DP-BR-125, DP-BR-150, DP-BR-200, DP-BR-250, DP-BR-300, DP-BR-400, DP-BR-50, DP-BR-500, DP-BR-600, DP-BR-75, DSP-125, DSP-50, DSP-75, E-AL-150C, E-AL-200C, E-AL-250C, E-AL-300C, E-AL-400C, E-AL-600C, E-BR-100, E-BR-100C, E-BR-125, E-BR-150, E-BR-150C, E-BR-200, E-BR-200C, E-BR-250, E-BR-300, E-BR-300C, E-BR-400, E-BR-400C, E-BR-50, E-BR-500, E-BR-600, E-BR-75, FAB-150, FAB-2, FAB-200, FAB-250, FAB-3, FAB-300, FAB-4, FAB-400, FAB-5, FAB-6, FAB-600, FAB-8, FB-10, FB-12, FB-16, FB-5, FB-6, FB-8, FBB-10, FBB-12, FBB-150, FBB-16, FBB-200, FBB-300, FBB-400, FBB-5, FBB-6, FBB-8, F-BR-100, F-BR-125, F-BR-150, F-BR-200, F-BR-250, F-BR-300, F-BR-400, F-BR-50, F-BR-500, F-BR-600, F-BR-75, FC150, FC150F, FC250, FC250F, FHB-6, FLB-10, FLB-12, FLB-125, FLB-150, FLB-16, FLB-200, FLB-6, FLB-75, FLB-8, FM1076, FM1515, FM15F15T, FM15S15F, FM15S15T, FM2525, FM2525F, FM25F20T, FM25F25T, FM25F30T, FM25S25F, FSB-10, FSB-12, FSB-16, FSB-24, FSB-32, FSB-5, FSB-6, FSB-8, FSP-100, FSP-125, FSP-150, FSP-200, FSP-250, FSP-300, FSP-400, FSP-50, FSP-75, GF-125, GF-150, GF-200, GF-250, GF-300, GF-400, GF-50, GF-75, GHF-06, GHF-08, GHF-10, GHF-12, GHFL-08, GHFL-10, GHFL-12, GHM-06, GHM-08, GHM-10, GHM-12, GHML-08, GHML-10, GHML-12, GHN-12, GHS-06, GHS-08, GHS-10, GHS-12, GHSL-08, GHSL-10, GHSL-12, GHW-12, GHW-16, HA1515T, HA1576, HA15S15F, HA2510, HA2510T, HA2515, HA2515F, HA2515T, HA2520, HA2520T, HA2575T, HA2576, HA3025F, HA30S25F, HAB-10, HAB-12, HAB-16, HAB-2, HAB-3, HAB-4, HAB-5, HAB-5 BRT, HAB-6, HAB-8, HAB-8 PE, HAB-8H, HAGB-10, HALB-10, HALB-12, HALB-16, HALB-5, HALB-6, HALB-8, HCB-3, HCB-4, HCB-5, HCB-6, HCB-8, HCB-8 PE, HEB-4X5, HEB-5X6, HEB-6X8, HELB-2X4, HRB-4X3, HRB-5X4, HRB-6X5, HRB-8X6, HRPB-100, HRPB-200, HRPB-300, HRPB-400, HRPB-600, HRPB-75, LBB-8, LMB-10, LMB-8, MAB-10, MAB-12, MAB-16, MAB-2, MAB-3, MAB-4, MAB-4B, MAB-5, MAB-6, MAB-8, MB-10, MB-12, MB-150, MB-16, MB-200, MB-300, MB-400, MB-5, MB-6, MB-8, MHB-10, MHB-6, MLB-100, MLB-125, MLB-150, MLB-200, MSP-125, MSP-150, MSP-75, NB 3-2, NB 4-3, NB 5-4, NB 6-5, NB 8-6, NB-10, NB-12, NB-125, NB-16, NB-24, NB-32, NB-5, NB-6, NB-8, NBHPCT-12, NBHPCT-8, NBPCT-6, NHB-10, NHB-6, NHNB-10, NHNB-6, NPF-16, NPFL-12, NPFL-16, NPM-16, NPML-16, NPS-16, NPSL-16, NSTA-150, NSTA-250, NSTB-150, NSTB-250, NSTD-150, NSTD-250, ORH-03, ORH-04, ORH-05, ORH-06, PAB-10, PAB-12, PAB-16, PAB-6, PAB-8, PCTFBH-12, PCTFBH-8, RAB 3-2, RAB 4-3, RAB 5-4, RAB 6-5, RAB 8-6, RCB 3-2, RCB 4-3, RCB 5-4, RCB 6-5, RCB 8-6, SAB 3-2, SAB 4-3, SAB 5-4, SAB 6-5, SLB-125, SLB-150, SLB-200, TLHB-3, TLHB-3N, UB, UFB-2, UFB-4, UHB-2 IMP, UHB-3 IMP, UHB-4 IMP, VFAB 4X10, VFAB 4X6, VFAB 4X8, VFAB 5X10, VFAB 5X12, VFAB 5X6, VFAB 5X8, VFAB 6X6, VMAB 3X10, VMAB 3X12, VMAB 3X6, VMAB 3X8, VMAB 4X10, VMAB 4X12, VMAB 4X6, VMAB 4X8, VMAB 5X10, VMAB 5X12, VMAB 5X6, VMAB 5X8, VMAB 6X10, VMAB 6X12, VMAB 6X6, VMAB 6X8, VMAB 8X10, VMAB 8X12, VMAB 8X6, VMAB 8X8, WLB-3A, WLB-3B, WLB-4A, WLB-4B, WLB-5A, WLB-5B, WLB-6A, WLB-6B, XB-4, XB-5, XB-6, XB-8, XBLFS-12, XBLFS-8, XCB-4, XCB-5, XCB-6, XCB-8, XFB-6, XFB-8, XNB-10, XNB-12, XNB-16, XNB-6, XNB-6 BSP, XNB-8, XVB 4X6, XVB 4X8, XVB 5X6, XVB 5X8, ZAB-4, ZAB-5, ZBB-4, ZBB-5