NH Suction Hose Coupling Set (NST Threads)
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NH Suction Hose Coupling Set (NST Threads)

    Recommended Use:
    • Liquid, bulk handling
    Recommended Hose Attachments:
    • Sleeves
    • Preformed Bands
    Features and Benefits:
    • Maximum number of serrations for maximum holding power
    • Long lead serration for easier hose insertion
    • Suction Couplings machined from pipe eliminate porosity and parting lines, improving sealing and rentention
Shank: Plated Steel Nut: Brass
part number weight hose size price add single
NHS-6 0 1-1/2 $53.94
NHS-10 0 2-1/2 $102.98

Shank: Brass Nut: Brass