Heavy Duty Viton Seal Air Hammer Hose Stem
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Heavy Duty Viton Seal Air Hammer Hose Stem

    Recommended Use:
    • High-pressure steam and air
    Recommended Hose Attachments:
    • Interlocking Ferrules
    • Interlocking U-bolt clamps
    Features and Benefits:
    • Eliminates leaks with nut hand tightened
    • Viton seal (formulated by DuPont for high pressure steam and air applications) is protected inside machined stem groove and by swivel nut, extending working life.
    • Spud does not contain plastic seat, extending working life
    • Interchangeable with old-style domestic ground joint couplings.
    • Machined hose ends with smooth end detail to reduce potential failure due to abrasion - grips, seals, and protects hose.
    • Interlock groove locks ferrule into place for superior holding power
    • Crimped assemblies are low profile and eliminate sharp edges from bolts.
part number weight hose size price add single
HJS-3 0 3/4 $19.97
HJS-4 0 1 $17.40