Crimpnology Flange (150 lb. fixed flange)
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Crimpnology Flange (150 lb. fixed flange)

    Recommended Use:
    • Multi-purpose fluid, chemical, bulk handling
    Recommended Hose Attachments:
    • Interlocking ferrules
    Features and Benefits:
    • Designed for use with campbell Interlocking Ferrules
    • Fittings use the same ferrules as Campbell COBRA Parts C and E, Chemjoint Couplings, and Goodyear InstaLock Cam and Grove Couplings to keep ferrule inventory low and flexible
    • Interlock groove on fitting locks ferrule into place for the ultimate in holding power
    • Graduated serration pattern (sharper near the interlock, rounder near the end, with smooth end detail to reduce potential failures caused by abrasion) grips, seals and protects hose.
    • Shank and ferrule lengths are matched for performance and to avoid potential hose tube or cover damage
    • Crimped assemblies are low profile and eliminate sharp edges from clamp buckles
    Special Features:
    • Crimpnology Nipples provide an excellent fitting solution for medium-pressure applications such as "Frac Hose", mud pump hose, and other abusive applications
316 Stainless Steel
part number weight hose size price add single
FHASS-6C 4 1-1/2 $277.73
FHASS-8C 6.4 2 $304.82
FHASS-10C 10 2-1/2 $443.42
FHASS-12C 12.6 3 $489.72
FHASS-16C 17.4 4 $670.11
FHASS-24C 28.53 6 $1,065.00