Campbell's USO-Metro Program to Support the Troops

Campbell Special Code Benefits the USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore (USO-Metro)

The War on Terror started as a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001. This resulted in more than a decade of war, with many casualties and injuries. With improvements in technology and higher survival rates of service members with amputations, there is a greater population who will require prolonged care. The healing process can be difficult and our troops and their caregivers need continued support during the recovery process.
That’s where USO-Metro comes in.
USO-Metro’s hospital programs support service members and their families who are recovering and receiving treatment at NSA Bethesda, home of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. In addition, USO-Metro supports active duty service members who serve at the various hospitals. USO-Metro relies solely on the generosity of the American people and business community to support those who defend the United States of America. The USO receives no funding from the Federal government.

Why is USO-Metro poised to make a difference here?

The Washington, D.C. area has the highest population of recovering wounded, ill and injured in the nation. USO-Metro is uniquely poised to address this issue because they have been providing services at the military hospital for over 70 years. The USO Warrior and Family Center at Bethesda is home to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Their second Warrior and Family Center at Fort Belvoir is located on the same complex as the Warrior Transition Command and the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. 

About USO-Metro


Mission: The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation.

USO-Metro is the largest organization chartered by the USO. We have ten locations and a "deployable" Mobile USO that provide signature USO services to the nearly 300,000 military members and their families living in the region and the 150,000 who travel through our local airports.
USO-Metro is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization chartered by Congress, and dedicated to "serving those who serve, and their families" in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. It is through the generous financial support of individuals and organizations in the local community that USO-Metro is able to fulfill its mission. With the help of thousands of devoted volunteers, USO-Metro provides programs and services for active duty troops and their families at area military hospitals, six USO Centers, four USO airport lounges and a Mobile USO. Signature programs and services include holiday programs like Turkeys for Troops and Project USO Elf, emergency housing and food assistance, and caring for our wounded, ill and injured troops and their caregivers.
To find out more about USO-Metro, visit our website or connect with us on social media at USOMetroDC.
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