Campbell Cobra Part C (with ferrule interlock)
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Campbell Cobra Part C (with ferrule interlock)

    Recommended Use:
    • Multi-purpose liquid, chemical, bulk handling
    Recommended Hose Attachments:
    • Interlocking ferrules
    Features and Benefits:
    • Designed for use with campbell Interlocking Ferrules.
    • 360° interlock groove on fitting locks ferrule into place for the ultimate in holding power.
    • Shank and ferrule lengths are matched for performance and avoid potential hose tube or hose cover damage.
    • Serrations designed to grip, seal, and protect hose when crimped. Note: Traditional "two bump" designs are for banding, not crimping. NAHAD and Campbell do not recommend crimping on "two bump" shanks.
    • Crimped assemblies are low profile and eliminate sharp edges from clamp buckles.
    • Couplings and Goodyear Instalock Cam & Groove Couplings to keep your inventory as flexible as possible.
    • Designed to couple and interchanging made to ASTM F1122, CID A-A-59326, MIL-C-27487
316 Stainless Steel
part number weight hose size price add single
C-316-100C 0.8 1 $25.62
C-316-150C 1.6 1-1/2 $48.36
C-316-200C 2 2 $69.58
C-316-250C 3 2-1/2 $92.49
C-316-300C 4.2 3 $123.14
C-316-400C 7 4 $189.99

Steel (investment cast)