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Wow. You Actually Make Things!

We do a lot of customer training at our plant facilities in Pennsylvania. Part of the training event is a tour of our factory. Quite frequently, a trainee-visitor will enthusiastically comment;

“Wow. You actually make things!”

While we are very pleased with their enthusiasm, we are struck by the social commentary. Apparently, many people just assume most everything is imported from some offshore manufacturer. Campbell has been a production machine-shop/manufacturer since the turn of the century (the other century – 1901). We are proud of our heritage. We have built our product line and our brand by designing and manufacturing the best hose fittings, couplings, clamps, ferrules, sleeves and accessories in the world. And we look forward to introducing new products and services this year and for years to come.

And yes, while we sell some imported products, we make the bulk of what we sell in our plant in Boyertown, Pennsylvania!

So, please enjoy a tour of our plant in our new video.