Sales Strategy: Run, Run, Run!


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of watching a kid’s soccer game. The kids had the time of their lives, all dressed in their uniforms, chasing a soccer ball up and down the field. There were no plays or strategies, other than the recurring cheer from parents of, “run faster, kick it harder,” and with enthusiastic determination, they ran, ran, ran and ran some more.

While watching I got a sense of déjà vu. I felt I had seen this before. Then it occurred to me that the kids reminded me of my sales team of years ago. Like their soccer playing counterparts, the sales team dressed the part, was enthusiastic and worked very hard, but, they lacked a cohesive strategy with an achievable goal.

The most effective sales teams really move the needle on results when they have a strategic plan. Sales calls take time and cost money. Every sales call should have a purpose, a plan and a follow-up. The plan should be measured against results, evaluated and adjusted when necessary. (Even the best of plans probably need a tweak or two down the road.)

It’s easy for any salesperson to run, run, run and think they are working hard, but, it’s the strategy, plan and follow-up that will make the difference. Let your competition “run, run, run” while you score the goals.

Tom Paff | President