Safety is “Elegant” for your SWAN!

Steam. Water. Air. Nitrogen.

The cover story in the June, 2015 edition of Chemical Processing titled “Use of Elegant Design to Bolster Inherent Safety” outlines commonly used plant safety procedures. Specifically, a portion of the article notes that specifications for utility hoses in refineries and chemical plants for steam, water, air and nitrogen (known as SWAN) should require different color and fitting configurations in order to avoid crossing one media with another – especially for air and nitrogen hoses.

In my experience, virtually every plant has specifications for utility hoses calling out hose color and fitting type to differentiate the hose and media. Unfortunately, there is no national specification and there-in lies a problem.

Contractors are the nomads of our industry. They travel from plant to plant where the specs change at every new stop. Contractors can easily get confused when one plant uses green hose with single-lock couplings for air and blue hose with double-lock couplings for nitrogen, then they move on to another plant using a different set of specs.

To solve this problem, Campbell designed and manufactures single-lock and double-lock, nitrogen-only, couplings. They employ permanently attached, bright yellow, nitrogen identification rings that clearly state “FOR NITROGEN USE ONLY”. When the fittings are installed on the nitrogen outlet and on each hose-end, every contractor will know – regardless of the plant spec – connect yellow ring to yellow ring for nitrogen. The rings are threaded and can be used as a secondary lock-out.

Safety made simple, easy and elegant.